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The Water Market

Exploding Bottled Water Market
  • Bottled Water Sales RisingLatest polls say 90% of Canadians are concerned about the quality of their drinking water

  • Annual bottled water sales have increased from $173 Million to over $500 Million in 10 years. A 190% increase

  • 3 out of 10 Canadians buy their drinking water

  • 60% buy for taste; 40% buy for health reasons. Consumers are learning that purified water has significant health benefits over spring water

Self-Serve Water Advantage

It's Inexpensive

  • Refilling saves up to 50% of bottled water costs. Plus, no bottle deposits

It's Fresh

  • Purified daily, unlike bottled water which spends from 30 to 90 days in a warehouse or store shelf

It Tastes Great

  • State-of-the-art purification system removes chlorine and other chemicals that cause water to taste or smell bad

It's the Highest Quality

  • Maintained by qualified technicians to a stringent protocol including filter changes, sanitizing and water testing to ensure safe water
It Helps the Environment
  • By refilling bottles, we don't add to the 600 million plastic bottles that end up in North American landfill sites every year

Benefits of Pure Choice Water

Pure Choice Water DepartmentDelicious Drinking Water
Pure and healthy water that tastes great! The most economical beverage available.

Better Beverages
Juices burst with their true flavour.
Tea is brighter in colour, you can see to the bottom of the cup.
Coffee has a richer flavour and less bitter taste.

Clear Ice Cubes
Cubes are cleaner, clearer and harder. No annoying sediment is left in your glass. You'll be able to see right through your ice cubes.

Pure Choice Self-Serve Water DepartmentBetter Cooking
No impurities to mask the natural taste of food. Soups, vegetables and pasta are enhanced. Enjoy the true taste of foods cooked in water.

Protects Appliances from Scale Buildup
Appliances work more efficiently. No need to de-scale coffee pot or tea kettles. No scale buildup in humidifiers or irons.

Essential to Good Health
Helps to flush the body of toxins. Over 99% pure, no negative long term health effects. Tastes great so that you'll enjoy drinking your 6 to 8 glasses per day. Perfect for any weight loss program. Reduces the amount of impurities consumed.

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